SAES ZAO® PUMPS SERIES: A Novel Approach in High Vacuum Systems


Getter materials are reactive metals able to chemically sorb active gases in a vacuum environment. They can be classified in two big families: evaporable and non-evaporable getters. The former have been extensively adopted in many industrial applications, like CRTs and lamps, while the latter have drastically changed the way of improving the vacuum levels achievable in vacuum system from medium to extreme high vacuum.

SAES Getters is the repository of the long-standing advanced technology nowadays available on getter materials. In particular in Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) systems compact NEG-based pumps with high pumping speed for hydrogen and active gases have been developed. The list of applications in which SAES NEG Pumps are employed is continuously increasing for the wide range of products offered and their flexibility in adapting to several UHV applications, like Particle Accelerators, Cold Atomic Trap or Surface Science systems.

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Improving the pump down of UHV systems