Working Environment Monitoring System

Hazardous area monitoring

EnviroSafe Mass Spectrometer systems from ESS detect, track, and monitor leakages and process issues of Hazardous substances in real time, and provide a highly cost effective solution to a multiple analyser approach.

Specifically designed for Hazardous Species gas phase monitoring, these systems offer unparalleled performance in terms of sensitivity, speed, response time and report generation capabilities. Their capability to monitor virtually any hazardous species makes them the system of choice for plant applications, and ensures compliance with any regulations that may be in place.


Housed within a compact, space saving cabinet gives the user flexibility of the location of the system, and a fully ATEX Zone 1 version is available should user wish to locate the system within the Hazardous area itself.

Up to 64 Individual sample points can be monitored with EnviroSafe, often meaning that an entire plant can be monitored with just one system. All sample points are continuously pumped, ensuring that ‘fresh’ sample arrives at the Mass Spectrometer when that sample stream is selected. The measurement time on individual sample points is user selectable, and can be measured in any desired order. With full, automated unattended operation and integration into the plant control system, together with automated report generation, these systems a suited to many Hazardous area monitoring applications, including:

  •   Vinyl Chloride / DCM Manufacture and pilot plant
  •   Urea / Ammonia plant
  •   Ambient Solvent monitoring (eg Toluene, Styrene, Benzene, etc.)
  •   Chlorinated compounds
  •   Mercaptan and Amines
  •   Gas scrubber monitoring
  •   Enclosed / confined workplaces
  •   CorrosivesReal-time monitoring of up to 64 individual sample species with full alarm generation, the complete process is measured, ensuring that no events are missed. With true on-line monitoring capabilities, EnviroSafe offers a faster, more reliable analysis method than traditional techniques.


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