Innovative Series of Turbomolecular Pumps For Analytical Technology

Modern analytical instrumentation requires highly developed components. Especially in mass spectrometers these components need to be precisely matched to each other. Thanks to new turbomolecular pumps, analysis throughput can be increased significantly.

Ever shorter analysis cycles with increased sensitivity, endurance operation of the instrumentation as well as minimum vibration levels and noise – these are the parameters required by the users of mass spectrometric instrumentation today. Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum has faced these performance challenges and designed the innovative series of turbomolecular pumps TURBOVAC i – pumps tailor-made for the analytical instrumentation market.

Standard Variants of the TURBOVAC i

With the TURBOVAC i series the high-tech company based in Cologne, Germany has made a significant development step forward: the entirely new design and the product properties are strictly based on the demanded functionality. Equipped with a flexible rotor and a Holweck stage design, the high-performance product now opens up a new level of vacuum performance. Convenient for the user: owing to the rotor concept, the internal pump design can be matched quickly and easily to the different applications and their respective system requirements. This feature is utilised especially in applications such as mass spectrometry where several chambers need to be pumped down. For these applications, the multi-inlet pump variant with its several intake flanges is the right choice. The pump design is extremely flexible and can be adapted to the respective application requirements.

With the aid of the smart simulation tool Pascal, the engineers from Cologne are engineering a flow-optimized pump system which fulfils with utmost efficiency the requirements of the application while discussing the needed parameters with the customers. Here empirical data gained from already manufactured pumps is used, as well as the simulation of the three-dimensional molecular flow through the pump, together with the required components up to complete vacuum systems.

Already existing CAD data can be utilised directly by the simulation tool for flow calculations, so that in cooperation with the customer, the entire vacuum system can be optimized with regard to flow engineering. Using modular concepts consistently, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum is able to deliver fully adapted turbo molecular pumps tailored to the specific operating point of the customers’ vacuum system within 12 weeks after having received the order. This significantly cuts the development time for customers systems, as for mass spectrometers.

Flow calculation and simulation tool.

With an optimized vacuum system, throughput of a mass spectrometer can be increased

Important here is the unique “Cartridge Design” of the multi-inlet pumps which allows optimum integration of the turbo molecular pump into the instruments and which also reduces the complexity of installing and replacing the pumps. Installation is additionally facilitated by the compact design and the integrated pump electronics. The performance range of Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum also covers the delivery of complete vacuum system. The result: a tailor-made vacuum solution from a single source specifically matched to the very special requirements of the respective instrumentation.

Multi-inlet pump variant with different intake apertures








More sensitivity for mass spectrometers 

The higher pumping speed and higher gas throughputs of the TURBOVAC i pumps contribute towards increased mass spectrometer sensitivity. Above all, the operating speed of the analytical instrumentation can be increased resulting in an augmented sample throughput which is so important to mass spectrometric analysers.

TURBOVAC i Variants

Compact design, optimised flange sizes

Low vibration and low noise operation

The system is in particular interesting for analytical applications due to the highly reduced mechanical vibrations and noise emissions. The optimizations mainly could be achieved by equipping the TURBOVAC i with a maintenance and oil-free hybrid bearing system with lifetime lubrication. This turns the TURBOVAC i into the only turbo molecular pump with hybrid bearings on the market where regular maintenance with a change of oil is not necessary.

Process optimization in a new dimension

The positive balance of the new concept: extended, failure-free operating times, in total a longer system uptime and reduced cost of ownership. In all, the integration of the turbomolecular pump yields a significantly higher productivity of analytical instrumentation operating under vacuum conditions.


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Vacuum in mass spectrometry

Many steps needed in mass spectrometric analyses need to be run in a (high) vacuum. For example, the entire analyser with ion source, mass filter and detector operates in a vacuum. By design, such vacuum systems for mass spectrometry are composed of a backing pump and a molecular pump since these high-performance pumps require a certain initial vacuum.

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Video on TURBOVAC i

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