May 10 - 12

Naples, Complesso Monumentale di S. Maria la Nova

Materials, Interfaces, Processes in Industrial and Basic Research Applications

The AIV XXV Conference approaches the issues associated with materials and processing, in the research and manufacturing communities. The three-day Conference promotes a multidisciplinary environment to encourage a cross fertilization between attendees on emerging technologies. We cordially invite you to participate to the 25th edition of AIV Conference that will offer the opportunity to present and discuss your recent advances in vacuum science and technology and related fields.

AIV XXV Conference will be held in presence. In case of extraordinary circumstances (lockdown due to COVID-19) the conference will be postponed.  

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Il Green Deal Ue e i Documenti di Pianificazione Energetico Ambientale  delle Adsp / L'analisi - Shipmag

Giuseppe Zollino/Chiara Bustreo (Università di Padova)

Scenarios for power generation in Italy

Abate - Young Academy of Europe

Antonio Abate 

(Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie GmbH- Department of Chemical, Materials and Production Engineering, University of Naples Federico II, Napoli)

Novel Materials and interfaces for photovoltaic solar cells

Chairmen: F. Giorgis (Politecnico di Torino), P. Ossi (Politecnico di Milano), M. Rocca (Università di Genova)
Synthesis of multifunctional surfaces, Interface design, nanostructured coatings, nanosized electronics, energy harvesting, biotechnology and bio-medical research surfaces for applications in harsh environments


Letizia Savio 


2D carbon-based paltforms doped with transition metal atoms: Self-assembly of Pd cyclometallates at Ag(110)


Ilaria Rea 

CNR Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems Napoli

Bioengineered inorganic nanomaterials for healthcare applications  

Carlo Carbone

CNR-Istituto di Struttura della Materia (ISM) Trieste

Spin-orbit effects in low-dimensional structures

Chairman: S. Dalbello (Consorzio RFX, Padova)
Latest developments on running and planned fusion experiments

Alessandro Lo Bue

(Fusion for Energy (F4E) Fusion for Energy Spain)

ITER Vacuum Vessel

Gian Mario Polli


DTT: Overview and Status of the Project

Chairmen: M. Cocuzza (Politecnico di Torino/CNR-IMEM), S. Ferrero  (Politecnico di Torino), L. Scaltrito  (Politecnico di Torino)

Exploiting additive manufacturing, Materials and processes, Design for additive manufacturing, Next generation of additive manufacturing technologies

3D4Med, al Policlinico San Matteo di Pavia il primo laboratorio clinico  italiano di stampa 3D | 3d Printing Creative

Ferdinando Auricchio 

(Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Pavia)

Additive Manufacturing: Modeling, Applications, and Technologies. An overview of UniPV activities.

Boris CHICHKOV | Nanoengineering | Leibniz Universität Hannover, Hannover |  Institute of Quantum Optics - Page 6

Boris Chichkov 

(Leibniz University Hannover- Institute of Quantum Optics, Hannover)

High - resolution additive manufacturing technologies and applications

Chairmen: Giuseppe Firpo (Università di Genova), Andrea Liedl (INFN Frascati), M. Mura (Saes Group)
Particle accelerators, large interferometers and energy research

Karl JOUSTEN | Laboratory Head | PhD | Physikalisch-Technische  Bundesanstalt, Braunschweig | PTB | Department 7.5 Heat and Vacuum

Karl Jousten 

(Head of Department Heat and Vacuum Metrology Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Berlin)

Development of a new kind of ionisation vacuum gauge.

Janez Setina 

(Institute Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia/Institute of Metals and Technology/Laboratory of pressure metrology (MIRS/IMT/LMT), Ljubljana)

Outstanding properties of recently developed  "standardized ionization gauge"

Aniello Grado nominato co-chair del sistema vacuum pipe dell’Einstein Telescope

Aniello Grado 

(INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte)

Einstein Telescope: scientific and technical challenges

Chairmen: Paola Delli Veneri (ENEA Portici), Stefano Lettieri (CNR-ISASI), A. Terrasi (Università di Catania)

New materials, technologies and approaches for a sustainable development

Andrea BALDUCCI | Professor | Prof. Dr. | Friedrich Schiller University  Jena, Jena | FSU | Center for Energy and Environmental Chemistry (CEEC) and  Institute for Technical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry - Page 6

Andrea Balducci 

(Friedrich-Schiller University Jena Institute for Technical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry Center for Energy and Environmental Chemistry Jena (CEEC Jena), Germany)

Industrial requirement of materials and electrolyte for supercapacitors


Alberto Naldoni 

(Deputy Head and co-leader of the Photoelectrochemistry Division Regional Centre for Advanced Technologies and Materials Czech Advanced Technology and Research Institute Palacký University Olomouc -Czech Republic)

Shaping the light energy flow with plasmonic nanostructures for the production of solar fuels

Vincenza ARMENISE | Post-Doc Researcher | Università degli Studi di Bari  Aldo Moro, Bari | Università di Bari | Department of Chemistry

Vincenza Armenise (Dipartimento di Chimica dell’Università di Bari)

Hybrid perovskite solar cells: Status and Future

Call for paper

Papers presented at AIV 2022 may be submitted for publication in a Special Collection within the Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B (JVST B). The deadline for manuscript submission to JVST B is September 14, 2022. Submit your manuscripts to JVST B and select the AIV2022 Collection using the journals’ online manuscript submission system at http://jvstb.peerx-press.org.
In preparing your article, please follow the instructions for contributors.
The template for abstract is available at the following link.

Basic Vacuum Technology Short Course (9th May 2022)

Il corso, tenuto in italiano, tratterà i seguenti argomenti:

Definizioni, proprietà dei gas e teoria cinetica
Leggi dei gas perfetti
Teoria cinetica dei gas

Flussi e conduttanze 
Regimi di flusso
Portata, conduttanza, velocità di pompaggio,
Calcoli di conduttanze
Equazione generale del pompaggio

Produzione del vuoto 1 
Componenti di un sistema da vuoto
Classificazione delle pompe
Pompe primarie

Produzione del vuoto 2  - pompe da alto e ultra alto vuoto 
Pompe turbo molecolari
Pompe ioniche
Pompe getter
Pompe a diffusione
Pompe a intrappolamento

Misura del grado di vuoto 
Generalità e classificazione
Vacuometri meccanici
Vacuometri a conducibilità termica
Vacuometri a ionizzazione
Significato e limiti delle indicazioni fornite dai vacuometri
Analizzatore di gas residui

Dimensionamento gruppi di pompaggio, ermeticità e materiali dei sistemi da vuoto, ricerca delle perdite 
Cenno sul dimensionamento di alcuni semplici sistemi da vuoto
Ermeticità: fuge reali e virtuali, metodi di diagnosi
Caratteristiche dei materiali impiegati nei sistemi da vuoto 
Metodi di ricerca delle perdite

Horizon Europe Project Management

Laura Vivani, Managing Director of Moverim Sprl, a Brussels-based company specializing in European projects, will deliver a speech on "Processes of Horizon Europe and what is new, and an overview of the actual situation and on the perspectives."


Scientific Committee


E. Vassallo (CNR - ISTP)
A. Liedl (Laborati nazionali di Frascati INFN)
M. Anderle (AIV)
M. Mura (Saes Group)
M. Cocuzza (Politecnico di Torino /CNR-IMEM)
A. Terrasi (Università di Catania)
S. Dal Bello (Consorzio RFX, Padova)
P. Ossi (Politecnico di Milano)
L. De Stefano (CNR - ISASI)
F. Pirri (Politecnico di Torino /IIT)
F. Di Fonzo (IIT / CNST@PoliMI)
M. Rocca (Università di Genova)
G. Firpo (Università di Genova)
I. Roppolo (Politecnico di Torino)
F. Fracassi (Università di Bari)
G. Speranza (Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento)
F. Giorgis (Politecnico di Torino)

Organizing Committee

S. Ferrero (Politecnico di Torino)
L. Scaltrito (Politecnico di Torino)
A. Lamberti (Politecnico di Torino)
G. Melis (Politecnico di Torino)
G. Bonizzoni (AIV)

Conference highlights

Complesso Monumentale di S. Maria la Nova, Naples

Organizing secretary

Angela Riggio


 M +39 348 5465168

Important Dates

Conference Registration (Early Bird fee):      
March 15th, 2022
Exhibition Registration (Early Bird fee):
March 15th, 2022
Abstract Submission:
March 30 th, 2022
Paper submission deadline:
September 14th, 2022

Registration and fees

Exhibitor package 

The AIV XXV will give an opportunity to network and showcase your company to educators, students, industry executives and senior technical professionals. At the stands it will be offered:
•Onebooth(2x2 or 3x2), includes 2 chairs, a table
•Free WiFi Internet connection
•Name listing on exhibitor pages on conference webpages
•Company logo on all conference programs
•One complimentary full Conference access with ticket to Conference dinner
•Complete list of symposium participants
•One regular electric outlet
•Coffee breaks during the Conference
•Visitors and guestsroom booking (in agreement with AIV Secretary)

Safe event
The AIV XXV conference organisers adopt appropriate health safety protocols to prevent the risk of Sars-Cov-2 contagion, for its Staff, Partners, and Participants, in compliance with European and Italian Laws and guidelines. Our safety policies and procedures include strategies to encourage behaviors that prevent the risk of Sars-Cov-2 contagion, such as:
· Physical (Social) Distancing
· Masks
· Hand Sanitizer
· Cleaning and Disinfection of facilities
For updated information on travelling to Italy, please visit the Italian Ministry of Health webpage.

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C.F 801 75730151, based in Milano - 20121, c/o FAST – P.le Morandi, 2
Banking: Fineco Bank
IBAN: IT90K0301503200000003672954

AIV XXV Conference will be held in presence. In case of extraordinary circumstances (lockdown due to COVID-19) the conference will be postponed.  
In presence attendees must exhibit the EU digital covid certificate (or equivalent certificate for non EU citizens) to access the conference venue

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