AIV Network

Promotion of technology transfer
Scientific and technological dissemination among the members
Facilitation of contacts between the needs of the business world and the resolution capability of research, as regards services and/or collaborations

The consulting is reserved for Members. Non-members can still request a service and will receive details on how to proceed to associate and support after the association.

For the companies

The associated company that needs well-defined technical services and / or scientific services can request it using the appropriate form. The request must contain an explanation of the type of service the company needs and where it needs it.

Through the AIV portal it will soon receive an answer characterized by: a list of the structures that provide that service near the selected place and indications about the contractual conditions of access of the individual structures. In this way, AIV helps companies in the search for a specific counterpart facilitating the collaboration processes between the industrial and the academic world.

For the universities

For universities and research centers, the association is advantageous because it allows to promote their research and its scientific discoveries. The Centers and Universities will be able to promote the results of their research through the dissemination of the AIV portal.

The Centers and Universities will be able to promote their skills and they could be contacted by companies through the AIV portal to provide possible solutions to requests for services submitted by companies. The portal in this sense provides an advertisement of the services offered and the expertise of the various bodies, giving way to facilitate collaborations with the industrial world.

Another advantage of the association concerns the possibility of being able to propose research projects whose calls are dedicated to the co-financing of technology transfer to companies, which will receive these proposals through the AIV portal. By joining AIV the research structures, they can find financing from companies both in the form of payments for services provided and as long-term research collaborations in the form of projects.

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