May 15 - 17

Catania, Museo Diocesano


Materials, Interfaces, Processes: new challenges for future applications

The XXI AIV Congress was focused on the latest innovations regarding the materials, the processes and the advanced devices. Particular attention was given to “Horizon 2020”, the EU’s new programme for research and innovation to increase the competitiveness of Europe. Running from 2014 to 2020 with an €80 billion budget.
The Congress was focused on the following topics:

  • Plasma industrial applications.
  • Composite materials for high temperature applications.
  • Bio interfaces, cells/materials interactions, bio medical applications, nano-bio materials, micro fluid, bioelectronics.
  • Fuel cells, hydrogen storage, membranes, electrodes and electrolytes.
  •  Solar radiation conversion, nanostructured organic and inorganic materials, photo- electro- chemical production of hydrogen.
  • Renewable energies: technologies and systems for the distributed generation and intelligent use of energy, new applications, technological development and industrial opportunities.
  • Photovoltaic: new technologies and products innovation to achieve the grid-parity.
  • Large physics facilities, perspectives for research and industry.
  • Big International projects: fusion, research and industrial connections, the ITER/DEMO technology.
  • Micro-Nano engineered surfaces and their applications.
  • Thin-film technologies and their applications..
  • Vacuum technologies, materials, process and devices

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Chair:            Monica Ferraris – Politecnico di Torino
Design e modellizzazione di interfacce per ottimizzazione delle giunzioni
Alberto Passerone  (CNR-IENI)
Composite materials for aerospace applications
Karin Handrick (MTA, DE)
Ceramic Composites for High Temperature Applications
Walter Krenkel (Bayreuth Univ., DE)
Composite materials for aerospace applications
M. Nebiolo (ThalesAleniaSpace)—

Chair:            Riccardo d’Agostino  – Univerità di Bari
Nanostructured materialsby atmospheric pressure plasma
Francesco Fracassi (Università di Bari)
Materials industry by cold plasma technology
Pasqua Rossini (Plasmapps)
La tecnologia HiPIMS: vantaggi e svantaggi
Alessandro Patelli (CIVEN)
Vittorio Colombo (Politecnico Bologna)
Roberto Gristina CNR-IMIP Bari
Elisa Ceriani Università di Padova
Roberto Caniello, IFP-CNR Milano
Miguel Manso Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Fabio Palumbo CNR IMIP Bari

Chair:  Samuele dal Bello – Consorzio RFX Padova  Giuseppe Mazzitelli – ENEA  Frascati
Introduction (ITER)
Giuseppe Mazzitelli (ENEA Frascati)
Long pulse in DEMO: issues and problems of particle pumping
G. Federici (EFDA Garching)
W7-X status and perspectives of Stellarators
Maurizio Gasparotto (Fusion for Energy F4E)
The WEST project, an integrated link to ITER
André Grosman, CEA Cadarache
Broader approach (JT60SA)
Elena Gaio (RFX)
Non-cryogenic pumps for DEMO
Christian Day (KIT)
Liquid metal plasma facing components
Giuseppe Mazzitelli (ENEA Frascati)
Advances in technologies for power exhaust solutions
Jens Reiser (KIT)
The status of the Neutral Beam Test Facility for ITER
Diego Marcuzzi (Consorzio RFX, Padova, Italy)
Innovative exhaust magnetic configurations (snow flake, super-x, etc …)
Flavio Crisanti (ENEA Frascati)
Neutron and gamma ray spectroscopy of burning plasmas
M. Tardocchi (IFP-CNR)
General overview of procurement for ITER, F4E and European industrial policy
Paolo Acunzo, Italian Industrial Liaison Officer
Manufacturing of ITER Vacuum Vessel EU sectors
Paolo Bonifazi (Consorzio  AMW)
Deuterium Retention and Erosion Properties of Nanostructured W Coatings
Roberto Caniello (IFP-CNR)
HVPTF – Recent upgrade to 800 kV of the High Voltage Laboratory for ITER NEUTRAL BEAM TEST FACILITY
R. Rizzieri (Consorzio RFX, Padova, Italy)

Customized TiO2 surfaces for dye sensitized solar cells
F. Di Fonzo (IIT, Milano)
Film sottili organici per cavità laser
S. Patanè (Università di Messina)
Deposizione controllata PLD di arrays 2D di nanoparticelle di metalli nobili per SERS e applicazioni (biomedicali e art restoration/conservation)
Enza Fazio (Università di Messina) 

Chair: Salvatore Iannotta – IMEM-CNR
George Malliaras – Ecole Superieure de Ines Aiz en Provence
High performing biomolecules detection by innovative OFET configurations
Luisa Torsi – Università di Bari  
Fabio Biscarini – CNR, Bologna

Vacuum issues in the operation of the LHC and its injector chain.
Paolo Chiggiato (CERN)
 INFN contribution to the European Spallation
S. Gammino (INFN-LNS)
Improving the pump down of UHV systems by the additionla pumping speed of NEG pumps
F. Siviero et al (SAES getters)
Ion Pump Controller Design to Optimize Pump Performances in the Entire Operating Pressure Rang
M.Audi , M.Thierley , C.Paolini  (Agilent)
Material Science for next generation Accelerator Vacuum systems
R. Cimino (INFN)
Angelantoni Test Technologies leadership in Large Thermal Vacuum Chamber Projects
Fabien Siroti – (Project Manager Angelantoni Test Technologies  Italy)
Fabrizio Rinalducci – (Aerospace Products Application Engineer  Angelantoni Test Technologies Italy)

“Tissue-laser interaction – Clinical applications and photobiology”
F. Fusi (Università di Firenze)
“Ions and protons extraction by laser ablation and emittance studies”
V. Nassisi (University of Lecce and INFN Section of Lecce)
“Hard X-ray plasma source driven by Nd Yag/Glass laser: characterization and analysis”
L. Palladino (INFN Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso and University of L’Aquila)
“Diagnostic of high-energy laser driven ions with an innovative Thomson Spectrometer”
F. Schillaci (INFN-LNS and ELI-Beamlines, Catania)
“The new frontiers of the laser-driven radiation: status-of-the-art and applications”
G. Turchetti (University of Bologna)
“First experimental results of laser induced proton acceleration at Sparc-Lab in Frascati”
D. Giove (INFN Section of Milan)
“Highly antibacterial UHMWPE surfaces by pulsed laser ablation”
D. Delle Side (University of Salento)
“Laser-plasma technologies and applications at ELI-Beamlines”
T. Levato (ELI-Beams, Catania)
“The ELIMED project: A new concept of Hadrontherapy with laser-accelerated beams”
G. A. P. Cirrone (INFN-LNS, Catania)
“Lasers in Opthalmology”
A. M. Roszkowska (Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria, Messina)
“Innovative nanostructured targets for laser-driven ion acceleration”
A. Mangione (ITA, Trapani and University of Palermo)
“Application of plasma techniques to archeometry, polymers technology and nuclear physics”
D. Mascali (INFN-LNS, Catania)
“Precision telemetry with pulsed-laser time-of-flight technique”
A. Pappalardo (INFN-LNS, Catania e Università di Catania)
“Laser safety: risk in clinical laser applications”
A. Guasti (Struttura Complessa di Fisica Sanitaria, A.O.U. Senese, Siena)

Materials for alternative energy

Chair:  Orazio Puglisi, Università di Catania
Solare termodinamico e fotovoltaico a concentrazione: tecnologie a confronto
Gianluigi Angelantoni, Angelantoni, Massa Martana, Perugia
 CPV market trend and SCOOP Project Overview
Gianluca. Gigliucci, ENEL Ricerca, Prato
Optical test procedure to analyze solar components
Stefano Coraggia, CNR, Istituto Nazionale di Ottica, Firenze
Very high efficiency triple junction solar cells for HCPV application
Marco Ficcadenti, CESI, Milano
Sistema fotovoltaico a concentrazione 3rays
Andrea Principe, Angelantoni, Massa Martana, Perugia
Il sistema Solarnova
Mario Palazzetti, Nova engineering, Avigliana, Torino


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